Are you up to the Challenge?


My mission is empower and inspire athletes to excel in their chosen sport, realizing their athletic potential through athletic development and sports performance training.  

My Story

March 15, 2017

Hi, my name is Tamm Neal and I’ve been a sports performance coach for over 15 years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Being a former collegiate tennis player, I’​ve always had a passion for playing tennis, watching sports and exercise. I have taken my passion and used it to empower other athletes to be and perform their best in and out of competition. I've worked with several players that have gone on to receive scholarships and play on the tour.  There’s nothing more rewarding than to see an athlete grow and reach their goals.

Since I began my training career, I have received my MA in Psychology – Sport and Exercise along with several top certifications including: NASM – Certified Personal Trainer, NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist, USAW Sport Performance Coach, ITPA – Certified Tennis Performance Specialist, and FMS – Functional Screen Specialist.

Having played collegiate tennis, I understand the importance of preparing physically to be at your best. I have extensive knowledge and experience working with racket and intermittent sports which require short bursts of high intensity work with short periods of recovery. I also understand the importance of developing mental strength in order to perform well during competition and proper nutrition to help support and sustain performance. Our programs focus on injury prevention, physical training, nutrition, and mental strength. All customized programs start with an athletic assessment.

BEING your best athlete takes a lot of hard work and consistency. I will work with you to develop a plan of action that gets results. So now the question is, “Are you up to the challenge?”​

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Being your best takes a lot of hard work and consistency.  
Are you up to the challenge?

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